Mom was in independent living, now has had a stroke and needs 24/7 supervision. What should we do?


Do we move her to subacute rehab to postpone the inevitable? Do we move her close to one of us? Right niw she's at least one hour away from esch of ud. She's 90, has had a stroke. Bs8alou

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No one, single factor will give you the 'right' answer. If your thought is that, once she's had her stroke, it's a short downhill slide to the end, it might not be. I've been caregiving for Edna for nearly 5 years, and the doctor says she's nowhere near eligible for hospice, for instance. She is also dependent on us for 70-80% of everything she does, but she has a robust laugh, enjoys her life and has rare complaints. Everything we do is to provide her with quality living. She's also 90.

If finances dictate your actions, there's another whole set of questions: can you/the family afford to provide her with 24/7 care, at home? Would a rehab facility for an extended time help to bring her back to independent functioning? Does she have any type if dementia? Is she lucid, and if so, what does she want?

So .. lots of questions ..
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