Hi thanks for all your support last night was heading over the edge! have calmed down a bit now and mum is sucking up to me although could see she didnt sleep nah dont feel bad just going to walk away in future.

Anywhoo! this is new my mum keeps saying she smells things at first I didnt understand but this is getting a bit wierd!

every so often she'll say I can smell coffee? nobody here making coffee?
I smell burning so I run to the kitchen nothing everything off as im a safety freak?
then its candle wax?

Are these imaginary smells part of dementia I cant get my head around this?

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vstefans you know your stuff and these words you pop up with ok will google this now and thanks.
Why am I on here so late why dont I go to bed and listen to music and try and swtich off?

Ok bed or watch Psycho ( the original) be sensible im off to bed a quick smoke first then try and sleep.
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Most likely just another form of hallucination, or very rarely you can get an olfactory aura to a seizure. Google "olafctory hallucination" - I did and also learned another word for it is "phantosmia." I guess it's weird, but nice that two out of three things are pleasant smells instead of nasty. And, glad you feel a tiny bit better, at least!
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