Mom says she has no life. How can I help her? -

Mom says she has no life. How can I help her?


She is 93 and has moderate dementia. She forgets to use her walker and is up and about the moment I am out of the room. She complains about having nothing to do and wants to help me with my household and yard chores, but there isn't that much she can physically do. She won't visit the Senior Center, refuses all hobby suggestions and is unhappy with her situation.

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My mom is 92 and didn't want to go to the senior center at first but after the doctor, my brother and I told her it would be good for her she agreed to try it. She has been going 2 days a week for 2 1/2 months now and complains at times but she admits it's not really that bad. Have you tried looking at old family pictures with her? A trip down memory lane is something my mom enjoys. I also try to make her realize that she should thank God she is as good as she is for her age.
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First of all a visit to the Dr is in order and maybe a very mild antidepressant.
Was she always a busy person one who lived by the philosophy that "Satan finds work for idle hands"?
What kind of things did she used to like? Maybe she liked to knit. So get her some big needles and a ball of thick cotton yarn and have her make dishcloths. Put a basket on her walker and put some cleaning supplies in it and ask her to do something in an area where you are not trying to get stuff done. "Mom the dining room table looks dusty. Would you mind polishing it"? "The glass on the back door has muddy footprints on it.Could you clean them off?" Out in the garden give her a little patch and either some flower plants or maybe a tomato plant to take care of. Given her age you can't be young yourself so don't let her tire you out. Accept the fact that she may fall and injure herself and that you will deal with the consequences if and when that happens but for now don't wrap her in cotton wool.
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Dear Cruxx,

Good of you to take care of your mom. I would also suggest giving her a craft table. Maybe find large piece puzzle for her. Leaving the TV on or a movie on for her. Are there any family or friends who could come to visit while you are doing your chores to give her some company?

I know you mentioned she doesn't like going to a senior's centre, but maybe just take care and leave her there for day. She might find she enjoys it once she is there.
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Cruxx, ask her to fold the laundry (smaller pieces only.
Can she match up sock and pair them off?
Give her a deck of cards and ask her to separate black fro red cards.
Can she sort coins?
Any of these busy tasks will keep her busy for a while.
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My mother has done that. She refuses all activities that are offered to her and then complains she has no life. I finally decided that she is in charge of her won entertainment. If she wasn't to do something to keep herself busy, she had better come up with n idea and an idea how to accomplish it.
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