, is accusatory when asking about things she's misplaced and thinks I'm all knowing. I have heard many stories 25 times in the last 6 months. After each news story she says um, um - it's annoying. She has asked what I've done with certain things that are eventually found. Also, she constantly asks me about all things as if I am the information repository.

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Only 25 times in six months? Just kidding...sort of. I understand your frustration. It can be maddening. That said, it's the new reality for you and yours and you have lots of company on this site. I encourage you to find some coping mechanisms and to watch some video clips of Teepa Snow on YouTube. I bought the dvd on Amazon to share with others. Your ability to stay calm and avoid showing frustration or engaging in arguments will be important for everyone's sense of sanity. It isn't easy. I know. I'm learning myself... but making better progress than I was a year ago.
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Oh well. I love her but there are times when I want to change the scenario. It would be better for us both. Thanks anyway.
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Sounds like normal dementia behavior. Not much you can do about it it is just the way she is. It may change to something worse soon.
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