She has been living alone which is not acceptable anymore, but she refuses to go to the assisted living. I'd like to avoid having to take her against her will. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Has her doctor explained to her that she can no longer live alone? What is her reaction when you talk about Assisted Living? Has she been for a visit or lunch? Has she met other residents ?
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I think I have read about this type of problem before. It's very stressful and challenging. I would read about all the methods that people use to get them into assisted living. My loved one's doctor and I convinced her to go just for awhile to get physical therapy, medication, meals, etc. to regain her health. Her place would be held for her return when her health improved. That worked pretty well. You may have to repeatedly explain why she's going and how long it will be. Over and over, but eventually they often forget about it down the road.

Some tell the patient the doctor prescribes it and that's what they must do to comply with doctor's orders. This may be very true.

I bet you will get other suggestions here as well. If nothing else will work, then I don't know how you will keep her in the AL facility, if she is that resistant. The ones that I know, say they are not allowed to prevent the resident from leaving. So, even if you get her there by force, she can then call a cab and/or walk out the door.

The only solution I have is to discuss a secure memory care facility with her doctor. The ones I know are considered Assisted Living, but they are locked and the residents cannot freely leave. Most inside are at risk of wandering and I think you have to have a doctor sign off to place them in a Secure facility. I would check with the laws in your state about it.

I know this is very difficult to handle. I wish you both the best.
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