My mom was in an assisted living and was put on Risperdal and it caused her to stop getting out of bed. She was refusing to eat or drink and take her meds. I took her out of the Assisted Living brought her to the hospital she was severely dehydrated from Lasix that she was also on and she had a lot of confusion and side effects from the Risperdal. She spent 10 days in the hospital and she was doing the same thing even though she was off those drugs she wasn't getting out of bed or eating or drinking and refusing to take her meds when I would visit her I could get her up get her to eat drink something and take her meds. She was placed in a Memory Care last week and she is still doing the same behaviors it's sporadic but she has really not eaten much this past month and again when I go there she will get up. I can get her to eat something and take her meds and drink some water but I cannot always be there and it's just too much has anyone ever experienced this before?

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bgdisme, maybe it is time to place your Mom in Assisted Living/Memory Care which is a step up from regular Assisted Living. The Staff in Memory Care are use to the quirks of those with Alzheimer's/Dementia and probably have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to prompt a person to eat, bath, get out of bed, etc.

Being your Mom has only been in Assisted Living for just a week, it will take many weeks until she is settled in. With her memory, it could be she is now in a phase of being a child, and you are her Mom who will feed her.

My own Mom [98] was in long-term-care, and her dementia made it difficult for her to eat. My elderly Dad, along with his caregiver, would visit my Mom during lunch time, and Dad's caregiver was able to feed my Mom.
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bgdisme Jan 2020
My mom is in Memory Care. I wrote that in the post. She doesnt need to be fed she eats on her own. Whats happening is she is refusing to eat or drink or get out of bed or take her meds unless I go there. Im hoping it passes but I also dont like this memory care she is in. The aides seem to not have knowledge of dementia. I spoke to the new executive director who has been there for 2 weeks who agreed with all of my issues I brought up. Hopefully changes will be made and better aides will be brought in because right now they try to get her up but I don't really see any tricks or tips up their sleeves. She is stubborn and strong-willed and still very functional to me my mom is somewhere in between assisted living and memory care she seems a lot more functional than the other residents in her memory care. There aren't many options where we live because of price but I do feel a little misled about this place it looks nice and that wasn't all that I was looking at but it seems a little depressing. I thought Memory Care was supposed to be a lot more stimulating.
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