I lower it, she raises it. It’s extemely loud and it’s upsetting to everyone. Her room use to be my dining room. Anyone else with this problem or suggestions?

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Hearing aides become too much for the elderly. Those little wheels for adjusting are hard to use especially if arthritis is involved.

My husband is almost deaf. TV ears were great. They are cordless and use a small headset with "buds" that are put in the ears. You can lower the volume on the TV and they can control volume from the headset. Just put TV ears in the search. There are other TV hearing devices at Best buys and places like that. Thing is, elderly are not good with new technology.
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TV ears. Or some product like it. We bought some for my Dad and then we bought a second pair so it could be ready to go for those times when he forgot to put them on the charger overnight.

In addition to keeping the volume in the room off, he said it made the dialogue of the shows he was watching crisper. Apparently, the headphones cut down on the background noises in the movie or show (glasses clinking, cars going by) so you can hear the dialogue better. TV Ears for my dad reduced my mom's blood pressure!
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Oh yes.

Hubby bought bluetooth noise cancelling headphones. He doesn't want to hear me, just the TV, or his phone.

Also, I left the bedroom and moved out when it became apparent he preferred the TVs company to mine.

If you cannot get her to lower the volume, she won't wear her aides and she insists o the TV being on, can you move her to a smaller room and shut the door?

Can she read fast enough to keep up with close captioning? IF hubby and I watch something together--we always put on the CC. He can't hear and this saves me repeating the whole dang show.
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