It is very difficult to communicate with her. She can't understand anyone and is withdrawing. Her health is good considering her age. She still gets around w/cane, walker. I see her withdrawing more and more every day.

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Mother has been examined. Audiologist told her she needs aid more powerful. You are right she is stubborn, no she doesn't like wearing hearing aid, and also she doesn't want to spend money.... social interaction is hard for someone who cant hear. She has friends come to visit, but she cant hear them... I know it bothers her, but it is her decision.... thanks for your reply
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Are you sure the hearing aid is the reason for her withdrawal? What makes you think she needs a new one? Has she been examined?

This is a sticky situation because she either (a) doesn't like wearing the aids (many people don't) or (b) she doesn't want to spend the money at her age.

Seniors can be really stubborn about hearing aids and sometimes just don't want to wear them.

In the meantime, what did she enjoy doing? Perhaps you can think of some activities to keep her mind active and provide social interaction to counteract the withdrawal.
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