My mom just broke her hip and is in a rehabilitation facility, how do I get her to go to physical therapy when she refuses?


My mother has just broken her hip and has been admitted to a rehablitation facility. She refuses to do the physical therapy to get better.

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Sorry to hear about your situation, it's tough one. My mom was in exact the same situation 7 years ago but had no husband to wait on her. I spoke with her doctor about depression so he put her on low dose of anti-depressants. Then I told her that she'd NEVER go home if she could not get out of her bed and do things for herself. I told her I had to make plans for her to STAY in the nursing home for the rest of her life. I created a detailed project plan - who got what, what selling price for the house, who got her car, dishes, bedroom set - every thing I could think of. I began to go through it with her and she got mad. I reminded her again that SHE gave me no choice..... she went to therapy the next day.

Harsh? yes but it was absolutely true and it worked. She got up and around, healed well enough to go home and lived well until 2 years ago. If she had not then she would have stayed put. She didn't have a husband at home to help her and if she did, I'd do the same thing. I would not want my dad (or mother for that matter) to kill themselves tending to a spouse bed ridden by their own stubborness and selfishness. It's better that the remaining spouse be okay and able to visit the other in a nursing home than go through the stress, physical strain and worry of caring for her at home.

Good luck!
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All of that has been explained to her by numerous persons - doctors, therapists, family - numerous times. Some of it is due to her short-term memory loss. Other possible reasons - prefers to be waited on by husband and daughters rather than doing it herself (which husband will do, daughters refuse), doesn't want strangers in her room/house, all the above, none of the above. ??
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What reason does she give for her refusal?

Random googling turned up, "Numerous studies have shown that strength training done regularly not only builds up bone and muscle but counteracts the weakness and frailty that usually comes with aging."

If she used this incident to make a positve lifestyle change, and hopefully has a full recovery, then she could end up ahead of where she started.

Of course, I am assuming she was not on a fitness path in the first place. But can't she be made to understand that rehab and strength training give her the best hope for avoiding future falls?
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