Mom is 51, no insurance and has dental problems. Went to dentist last week they want to pull teeth and get dentures, but she has no money to pay. What can we do to get her help? She has literally pulled teeth out herself because she was in pain.

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I went through Donated Dental Services for my mom. You have to fill out an application and are put on a waiting list. They match you with a dentist in your area that donates their services. It took about a year for my mom to get full dentures. Since her pain was an immediate need, we went to an oral surgeon that accepted time payments for extraction. Good luck to you.
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Getting financial help for dental work is not so easy. I can only think of two possibilities. Is there a dental college close to where she lives that could do the work for less? Or is there a dentist that would let you finance the work over a year or two? Some dentists will work with you on the financing.

Another possibility is to see if she qualifies for Medicaid. Most dentists that I know won't accept Medicaid, but there may be some that do. There has to be an answer for your mother out there. Having your teeth hurt is terrible.
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