She can use the money for the assisted living but it won't last very long. Then when the money runs out, can she qualify for medicaid? How does this work? None of us kids can afford to pay for her assisted living, so we were hoping that medicaid would cover it, but because of the CD's she has I'm sure she won't qualify. She had saved it to leave to us kids, but we do not want it and told her to use it for what ever she needs it for. Or maybe if she could have someone come in everyday for home health care, that would help - just to make sure she takes meds and eats and showers, but how expensive is that and if she uses her money for it and then it runs out can she get continued care through medicaid? Help! We don't know what to do!

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Some things to find our or consider are:
1. Does mom's state do a Medicaid waiver for AL? If so, then start looking for AL that will take the Medicaid waiver and get her on a list. Now some AL have a limited # of beds for the waiver and it is self-selected from the existing residents who have been in the AL on private pay first & foremost for a period of time.

2. Many states have Medicaid really for skilled nursing care aka NH only OR if there is a waiver program it is limited #. My mom is in TX and really the waiver is tiny compared to NH admissions, so in TX you're best bet is NH and you qet them documented to have medically requiring skilled nursing care needs to go to NH.

3. So what is mom's realistic health & ADL situation? Can she qualfiy for medically needing skilled nursing? If that is a push, then your idea of home health care is good. It will not be cheap - my mom's ran about $ 20 hr with a 4 hr & 4 day minimum for 60 days for the initial run and what they did was limited. And while she is getting home health care, you start to work her medical history to get her needing a NH.

4. Board & care homes - this is usually 6 -10 residents in a private home in which the homeowners are there and maybe an aide or two. No big medical needs and they have to be able to get up, dressed, potty on their own or with a walker. They do monitor their meds and it is pretty inexpensive but private pay nevertheless. No services like PT or OT or medical care & social worker like in AL or NH. Kinda like a boarding house for the elderly.

How old is mom, if she is a young old - like in her 70's - then you might have some time to plan out what to do with the CD's. But if she is late 80's or in her 90's, then whatever she does will be in the 5 year lookback. WIth CD's, since it is tied to her SS #, you cannot think about not reporting. But until she applies for a NH, the $ is hers to spend on herself and her needs. So she can totally get a prepaid funeral and burial done; get new clothes. Also new eyeglasses, hearing aids, dental work; a tricked out walker or scooter - the stuff on Medicaid are minimal quality if even covered.

About the medical need, what we did was get mom to become the patient of a gerontologist who is also a medical director of a NH. They know what to do to establish the need for skilled nursing that will work for Medicaid review. For my mom - it took about 6 months of every 4 -6 weeks medical appointments. The day that my mom had a 10% weight loss and a bad H & H lab work, her doc wrote the orders for NH needed. You have 30 days to get them in. So you kinda have to have the NH or homes planned ahead of time. The state will then send a nursing team to do their assessment for skilled nursing but really if their MD chart shows that no problem. Oh also you have to be very clear with the facilites that there will be NO private pay for the long run for mom. AL is often a profit center for facilities as it is overwhelmingly private pay and some will work you & your guilt to put her in private pay AL.

Also get mom;s legal updated and spend her $ to do so. Remember to go to the bank and tell them NOT to do an automatic roll-over of the CD's. Mom may have done this and you need to just have it when the CD or T bills expires to divert to her checking account as it could cost to have to do it under duress. It will break your heart if the rate was based on ages ago and it pays like over 8% or even more. Good luck & keep a sense of humor, you'll need it.
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