Mom is at the end stages of Lewy Body Dementia/Parkinson's Disease. We had a major setback on Sunday and since then, she has been almost vegetative. I went to visit her last night and hold her hand, and she put my fingers in her mouth. She has never done this before; is this common for the end stages?

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Just days before Dad passed with Parkinson's, maybe a bit longer, he did a sort of 'fake eating' where he would reach out into the air and bring imaginary food to his mouth, then chew. If I remember correctly, most of the time his eyes were closed then, though he was in an upright position in his wheelchair.
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I'm not that familiar with Lewy Body/Parkinsons related dementia. I am sorry to hear of your mother's progression. I have read that once the patient is in the final stages of dementia, they seem to be quite similar. I know it's tough. Is your mother on Hospice?

My LO has Vascular dementia with possible AD too. Her doctor diagnosed her with Profound Dementia over a year ago and she's progressed substantially since then. He described it as her mind returning to infancy, so that she has the mental ability of a young child or infant. At one time, she would call out, mama, daddy, but, that stopped and she is no longer verbal. She seems to be in a pre-verbal phase now. I'm not sure what to expect from here.

Does your mother seem to be awake or is she mainly sleeping?
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buttersmom1 Aug 2018
Hi Sunnygirl1, I'm sorry to hear about your LO; it does sound like these dementias end up in a similar way.  My mom is on Hospice, and they told me on Sunday that her body was beginning the process of shutting down.  What's strange about this is that the day before, she was talking coherently.  A few days later, she was weaker but speaking again.  So she has rebounded, as it were, for a time. 

I send you good thoughts and prayers for you and your LO.
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