Can Mom purchase a car and I register and insure it in my name? -

Can Mom purchase a car and I register and insure it in my name?


Mom doesn't drive and I am her 24/7 caregiver. She lives with me and my vehicle isn't the best for her getting in and out of and transporting the wheel chair.

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Here is what I would do
Check your DMV web site. See if a person without a driver;s license can buy a car and register it in your state. The owner has to be the person who registers it.
If yes - have her buy and insure it. If she applies for medicaid within 5 yrs, it will be on the record as her asset. In the meantime you can drive it. I used to lift dad's wheelchair into my sedan, it did a number on my back.
If no - have her ""gift" you the car and sell your own. She may not need Medicaid for 5 yr s and you will be in the clear. Then sell your car, hold on to the money in case she gets a penalty, that can go towards the penalty period out of pocket expenses.

The other option I would consider is to sell your car and get something that is more wheelchair friendly, maybe used with low milage. I know the fitting the walker and hoisting the wheelchair gave my car more than a few dings.

Good luck
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My grandmother no longer drives. She kept her car and still has the registration in her name and the insurance company knows she does not drive and has me as the primary driver. This also lowered her premiums when she took herself off as a driver.
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Nancy, I think your comment was out of line. I didn't see a thing in this post about anyone being grubbing for money.

My mom wasn't thrilled trying to get in and out of my low slung sports car all the time so she and I went and she bought a car for herself even though she couldn't drive anymore and that's what I drove her around in. My oldest son used it the rest of the time. And piss on siblings and their opinions, especially ones who aren't there and don't do shit.

If she needs a car that's easier for her to get in and out of, one that will be able to accommodate a wheelchair, get the thing. The hell with medicaid 5 years from now if she needs a vehicle to get around NOW. What the hell are people supposed to do? Never spend a dime on anything they may need today because...GASP!...medicaid might have an issue with it. I mean...really?

If you need something, anything, to make your life easier in a 24/7 caregiver role, get the d**n thing. Nobody who takes on the elderly around the clock every single day is trying to get rich. There isn't a salary high ENOUGH to pay these care givers their worth. Get the car.
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If she's going to be applying for medicaid in the next 5 yrs they will want to know what she did with the money.. This purchase could disqualify her especially since she has never had a drivers license...
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So basically you just want your moms money so you can buy a car. I don't see the problem, unless you're feeling guilty and/or other family members are gonna be ticked off. It's your mother's money and if she says good idea for the car, then there's your answer. But gotta tell ya, I've read enough on this website to know that money comes between families all the time. So IF there are other siblings or whoever that's going to get their panties in a knot about this, better run it by them or be prepared to defend you and your moms decision. Good luck finding the car.
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