Mom passed 2 years ago. Her new husband wants to deed the place back to me. Need guidance.


i'm disabled, on s.s.i. and will be homeless without this. i've known medi-cal gets house due to moms illness's yet i am last living family member permanently on s.s.i. without step-dad deeding me back house ,either now or set up for after his passing ;i'm left homeless and more of burden to system . due to my disability, which occurred 3 or 4 yrs before my moms passing , what deed paperwork do we need to retransfer back to me?

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I am having some problems myself with me being on disability and retaining my mothers home, etc. Honestly, I think you have to get in touch with an Elder Care Attorney for your state because there is probably going to be a problem if you don't. It is too bad this was not done for you years ago. I was told that because I was disabled and LIVED in the house WITH my mother since 1997 that the house would be exempt. That was because I lived in the house for x number of years that they require. I think that you, just like me, will have to enlist an attorney to make sure that what is done is legal and will pass all Medi-Cal scrutiny.
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