Mom passed away with no assets aside from a few pieces of furniture in her assisted living apartment. My brother & I donated that furniture after her death & there is nothing for us to split up. There was a bit of money in a joint checking acct that my mom and brother had. We used that money to pay for a nice but very modest funeral. Since there is nothing left, there is no reason for probate. Mom lived in IN, which has a small estate affidavit form for someone that has $50,000 or less after death. After reading the form, it seems like I would need to identify assets and name who they go to. Since there are no assets/money, I feel like I don't need to fill out the form as Mom has no assets for me to list on the form. My brother and I get along well and are of the same thinking. Am I correct in not filling out the form & if there anything I need to do or can I just leave well enough alone & do nothing?

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I'm sorry for the loss of your mom. If she had no outstanding debts, then there would probably be little need to fill out the form.
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I would think there is a phone number you can call if any questions.
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