She overtakes pain meds and gets confused, lies about things that never happened and is in bed at times up to 18 hours a day. Her doctor keeps increasing her medications because she lies to him. It’s frustrating and scary.

Contact the doctor that prescribed the meds and tell them what you are seeing. Also tell her PC the same thing, if they didn't prescribe the meds.
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I’d contact her doctor and let him know what’s going on. He cannot discuss your mother with you, but you can certainly talk and he has to listen. And it wouldn’t hurt to make mention of the current scrutiny the medical community is under with over prescribing pain meds. Tell him all of what you’re seeing
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That's really odd, because, now days doctors are really cutting back on prescribing pain medication. They are coming under very tight scrutiny because of this very thing. How do you know that she is lying to the doctor? Is there any reason you can't let him know what is going on? Does your mother believe what she is saying? She may not know she's lying.
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My mother was doing the same thing. I don't know if it will work for you, but our solution was a "pill safe".
This is the company we went with:
but there are others that are less expensive and some that are more expensive. It has helped us so much.
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