Mom's been in nursing home for 3 years under Medicaid, what happens if I take her out and bring her home? -

Mom's been in nursing home for 3 years under Medicaid, what happens if I take her out and bring her home?


She still has a house but SS is her only income.

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That's difficult. Are you up to the care responsibilities? Do you have the skill set needed to provide her current and future level of care? Is the house equipped to meet her mobility, bathing, toileting needs?

Who is in the house now? You?

You might be able to get some assistance or hire in home care, however, I'd suggest you research care options in your area, costs, contracts, etc. Secondly, research medicare and/or Medicaid to understand what assistance or $$ coverage if any they will provide. They may want you to liquidate her assets ahead of time before they kick in. The house may be exempt, I'm not sure.

You could always meet with social services or center for aging in your area and a counselor or director should be able to provide you insight and guidance to understand the financial impact of your decision.

I know you hate nursing home. Is there another preferable facility you could move her to? Could you sell her home and use that money towards hiring a supplemental nurse to come in a few hrs a week to be with her?

Have you had a private mtg with NH director and her medical team to try and address any issues or make things better for your mom?

Hard decisions ahead for you. Consider all the implications to discontinuing the nursing home.
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Don't care for the facility and I'm her only family member and i am her guardian. I have heard if you take them out Medicaid wants to be reimbursed on her expenses and she still has a house but its in her name and its beyond repair can they take her house . She has late stage of dementia...falls alot..uses a walker...I guess my question is will Medicaid pay for someone to stay with her at home. Just hate nursing homes.
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One might surmise from what you've stated already that your mom is in a long term care situation paid for by Medicaid. That's and income and needs based program for which she obviously qualifies where she is getting 24/7 care.

I believe you need to explain to us why you want to bring her home. Is there a problem at the facility? Did you win the lottery or come into other money where you can now afford to pay care to take care of her at your home? Do you have the authority (POA or guardianship) to do that? Are there any other family members to disagree with you? Are you planning to take on the 24/7 care taking responsibilities of an Alzheimer's patient alone? Why?

Many original posters, when they are asked probative questions, don't always get back to us. I hope you will Poston answers and give us more information. I, for one, don't believe anyone should or could answer your question without further details.
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I think you better call medicaid and ask. How advanced is your mother's dementia? How do you expect the NH to respond to your desire to take her home?
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I would ask the NH director or case manager. I've also just randomly called Medicaid (& Medicare) and told them the family was reviewing "options" and ask a ton of questions without telling them who I was discussing.
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