Mom is 98. Lives with husband and I. She is my mil. She fell in dec of 14. Received two weeks of therapy in a care facility, then a month of home health care and therapy . She did well on her own until just this past month. I was hoping to start up therapy again in home but Medicare won't pay because she has not suffered a second issue. Took her to doctor . He said she's fine. She isn't fine . He prescribed Zoloft for panic attacks at bed time, cortisone for leg sores, omeprozole for Gerd, and OTC pain med for night time. She was walking with a cane now is back on a walker. She is out of breath after a few steps. Cannot get food or drink on her own . She did last month. I'm wanting her to get help to maintain her abilities. Should I stop trying? I think people are telling me since she is so old we should just let it be. I feel so sad to see such asked decline in such a short time.

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Why is she out of breath? Is that a new symptom since her last dr visit? I would get that checked out asap.

With regard to Medicare paying for PT it's complicated and I know I don't understand it. I hope someone else will respond to that part of your question.
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