She has lived in FL for 60 years. Went to PA to visit son. 5 days in hospital.100 days in Rehab facility. 4 Days out. Back in Hospital again. 89 1/2 years old.

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All states require residency in the state. In every case, you move the person to the new state and establish proof of residency. 1. Move bank accounts to new state. 2. Change address with social security. 3. Immediately get health insurance in the new state, even if it is not Medicaid. Save the confirmation letters from those 3 and go to DMV for a new non-driver ID with the new address. 4. Get new doctors in the new state who will accept Medicare and Medicaid. After all this--only after all this-- apply for Medicaid in the new state.
You will have to produce another batch of 5 years of financial records for the new application. Start gathering those up. Plan on your parent living with you for several months while the application is processed.
DO NOT check her into a nursing home in the meantime, because Pennsylvania is a "filial responsibility" state and you could get stuck with the nursing home bill. Quite frankly, jumping states is such a big hassle that we advise people to avoid it.
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You or whomever will be her PA contact person apply as if she is a PA resident. Remember to put her date of residency as day 1 that she was there visiting she's a PA resident at least 109 days plus the day she arrived up in PA to visit him.

Keep in mind that IF mom owns any real property (house, land in FL) or a vehicle registered in fL these are going to be viewed as nonexempt assets for PA medicaid. house is Exemot asset but only IF it's a homestead ( so states require that the property have a preexisting homestead exemption too!) House will need to be sold - so find out clearly in Pa has a set period of time that house can be on market with mom being Medicaid pending or Medicaid eligible.

Make sure that all paperwork is only signed either by mom herself OR as "Jane Smith Jones in her capacity as DPOA for Ann Smith" on each & every signature and get a copy of all documents. PA is a filial responsibility state, so imho you have to do whatever to CYA on your potential liability.

Good luck & try not to get too, too overwhelmed.
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This is what the PA website says:

"Residency -- Medical Assistance is available to individuals who are residents of Pennsylvania if all other eligibility requirements are met. There is no requirement regarding the length of time that a person must live in Pennsylvania."

Will she be staying in PA to be near her son? If she plans on going back to Florida, it might be better to wait and apply there. But if she is changing her residency to PA, hey, go for it! Apply as soon as possible.
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