I recently put mom on hospice for her multiple myeloma. for hospice and i was also informed they would take her social security benefits, if she comes home will they also take it and also what kind of care will be provided for her at home

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I'm a big film geek. I can name half a dozen movies that make it seem like hospice provides you with a round the clock angel of mercy in the form of a caregiver. I think this is partially responsible for the common misconception that that is what hospice is like. In reality, if you have a hospice patient at home you will see a nurse for an hour or so a couple of times a week - at best. A visiting clergy is also usually available for a once weekly hour long visit. Don't get me wrong - I think hospice is a wonderful and valuable service, it's just not what most people think it is.
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The biggest roadblock is that Hospice rules mean someone has to be with her 24/7. If you are still working, this is impossible. If you have never witnessed a death before, don't know what to expect, and don't have nerves of steel, maybe she should stay where she is. You will be cleaning diapers and commodes, dealing with a catheter, and administering meds. It's a huge task.
You will not have much home care. It's all YOU.
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If your mom receives hospice at home Medicare pays for it. Your mom's social security benefits will continue.

When someone is on hospice in their home hospice provides everything the person needs from a hospital bed to wet wipes. They provide medications, a bath aide will come to the house once or twice a week to bathe your mom, hospice also offers music therapy, spiritual therapy, and grief counseling for the family. Hospice is available 24/7 if the family has questions or concerns. A nurse will come out a couple of times a week, more if your mom isn't doing well.

The drawback of doing hospice in home is that the family would have to provide around the clock care for the person on hospice. Hospice doesn't provide around the clock care. But, if you're spending money now on your mom being in a nursing home that same money could be used to hire a nursing agency if you bring your mom home. The nursing agency will provide around the clock care or assess your mom's needs and see what kind of care she'll need. For example, will your mom need around the clock care or will she just need someone during the day, or just need someone overnight? You and the nursing agency can figure all of this out.

A nursing agency can provide nurses but nurses are very, very expensive. A nursing agency can provide caregivers at a lesser cost.

If you decide to go with in home care do your research online and find a reputable nursing agency. Make sure the agency has reviews online. You can also ask the nursing home to see if they have any referrals. I'd ask the Director of Nursing.
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