Mom dx w dementia about 2 years ago (probably had it before that), started Aricept at that time, has seemed pretty stable. A couple of months ago she started to obsessively pick at her skin (she had always done that to some degree, now can't stop), and would refuse to take medicines sometimes, but basically ok. She goes to a day program 5x week. A month ago the doctor added Namenda (regular, not xr), and she misses a dose about 1 or 2 x/week (taking one 2x day, so missing 1 of those doses). Very lately we've noticed more times that she is refusing meds or to take a shower, and this week her disinhibition has become worse. She doesn't wear anything to bed, but would put on clothes or a robe before coming downstairs. Now she just comes down naked and doesn't care, although she understands that she has no clothes on. I'm not sure if this is a new side effect of the Namenda, a result of skipping some doses so it's better or worse depending on that, or this is just the next step of the dementia. She has had a fungal infection for a while, but last we checked no UTI. Also figured it was the heat this past week, but that's gone now. Thoughts?e effect, not taking it consistently, or she's just worse?
also seems looking to wander away from people more....either getting sick of the attention, or really wandering. Hard to tell w my mom she has always been really independent

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Skipping and doubling to make up are a huge problem. Also, once a day doses need to be at the same time each day. Twice a day doses should be 12 hrs apart, every time.
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