I had child support that I saved for my daughter as I did not know how we were going to make it when she turned 18. The money was basically hidden from her Dad who wanted every penny spent if he had to pay it. The account had my mother's name, my name and my daughter as beneficiary. The accounts/cd's no longer exist as my daughter has the money, but if Mom has to go on Medicaid will they look back at those closed accounts and count that as Mom's money? All of those accounts were closed over a year ago.

Is there any way around the five year look back on Mom's own money? My father has passed away but there is a grown disabled child.

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I'd consul an elder law attorney in your state. You make a good case for this and didn't gain anything from the money yourself and it's now in your daughters name. Likely, because of the circumstances, they will work something out.
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I know the 5 year look back is daunting. It was for us as well. Five years ago my dad had the money from the sale of the house. Five years is a long time and in that time my dad was swindled out of tens of thousands of dollars. My dad also had a semi-healthy annuity. We worried about that too. My dad's name was on my checking account although my name was the primary name and it was like that in case something happened to me and he needed access to my (limited) funds. I was on his account as well and boy did we sweat the look back. And maybe this isn't how it is for everyone but our Medicaid process, while slower than hell, was very simple. No mention was made of all the money my dad lost, nothing was made about the annuity or the accounts with my dad's name on them.

I'm sure people who own real estate and cars and whatever else have a different experience with Medicaid but my dad was approved with very little effort on my part (other than beginning the process and collecting the documents they needed but even then they needed very little from us).

My dad was finally approved for Medicaid.....after he had passed away. Our government at work!
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