She is suffering advanced pancreatic cancer.

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Nina, loss of weight and appetite plagued my sister as well during her last bout with cancer. We tried various foods and found she liked salty foods, including sausage, so I cooked that for her so she'd at least get some protein. That was over a decade ago, before I was aware of Boost and Ensure.

The excellent magazine CURE has had articles on cancer/chemo induced loss of appetite and taste. CURE has a hard copy magazine free to those with cancer as well as their caregivers. It also has an online site (If I posted a URL, part of it would be deleted, so best to google "CURE magazine" and use its search function.

We did find also that my sister liked juices, thick ones like apricot juice.

Our doctors have suggested using Boost Plus and Ensure Plus for weight gain, but my father's issues don't include cancer. He does like milk shakes though; perhaps your mother might too?

I think if you're concerned though, the best person to ask is your mother's oncologist. You don't want to start anything that might interfere with any chemo meds she's taking. And there may be better protein drinks now than there were during my sister's battles.

Is your mother getting either palliative or hospice care?
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