She thinks shes in Hawaii, and shes not. What is the correct responses to this? It is asked daily & numerous times through out the day & night.

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Does your Mom have dementia? If so, do NOT attempt to correct her. That will only lead to her being agitated. Best always, to just go along with them on whatever it is, if possible. Another thing to try is to talk with her about her mother. Ask about her mother, tell her that her mom must have been a wonderful person and great Mom!

Trying to set the record straight will not help. You may even want to tell her that she has a reservation to go to Hawaii to visit her Mom. Only thing is that she will not remember previous conversations about this. And that will also get very repetitive.

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"Well, Mom, I don't think we can afford a trip to Hawaii right now. It would be great, though, wouldn't it? If we could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?"

"I haven't seen Gramma in a long time, either. What I remember best about her is ...."

Don't argue with her or try to convince her she is wrong, but try to move the conversation in another direction.

Is your Mom's delusion that she is a child herself? Does she need her mommy because she is feeling insecure and helpless? If that is the case, give her lots of reassurance. "Your Mom won't be back for several days. But you and I will have some fun while we are waiting. Your Mom is safe, and we are going to be just fine on our own. Should we make some cookies?"

Don't argue. Redirect her attention. If you can figure out or guess why she is so concerned about her mother, reassure her.
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