Mom isn’t well enough to be dad’s caregiver. What are my options?


My dad is physically healthy but has LBD. He cannot express himself when talking and he really can’t comprehend everything. He is always agitated and hallucinates a lot. My mom is his caregiver. She is mentally well but physically not... she cant walk well due to arthritis in her knees and torn meniscus. She broke her foot 2 years ago and that hasnt healed well. She has very high blood pressure and cries all day long. We cant afford bringing in help. They have Medicaid but a share of cost that is so high that we would then need help with bills. What are my options? My mom may have a stroke one day and no one should cry all day long.. help

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Ahhh I see. Those are great suggestions... I am looking for a Geriatric Manager now. Thank you. If I do this myself I will lose my job! Agh.
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Loved One.
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What is LO?
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Marcia7321 Jul 15, 2018
Haha. Easier than husband's father's second wife's sister....
Have you called the Department for Aging in your state? They might be a good place to start. In New York, the Department of Aging offered to send a social worker to the home to evaluate the situation and discuss resources available.
You can also call the local hospital and ask to speak to a Social Worker there. They can steer you to help. Also your mom and dad's doctors might have social workers on staff. If your dad's LBD is being followed by a memory care specialist, they almost certainly have information about help for your mom.

Because we are far away and couldn't help our LO to follow up on suggestions made by the above people, we opted to hire an Aging Life Specialist. (also known as Geriatric Care Manager.) We chose a woman who had years of experience as a hospital social worker. The one we chose charges by the hour. She helps our LO arrange for help and find ways to pay for it.

You are right. Your mom is going to get sick if she doesn't get some help caring for your dad.
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