I have a sports car, which obviously will not suffice. Her husband left her, and I would buy it with her money; she needs to get to the doctors, nail salon, etc. Is this possible, to buy the conversion van in her name, (she would be the principal) and sign my name as her POA? Thank you.

If this is something being purchased for her, I don't see where Medicaid would say anything.

The PT cruisers are now equipped for power chairs maybe wheelchairs too. The back has a hatch. The person wheels in and right to the front. The backseat is on each sided. Hinged so the can go up and down.
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I'd really do my homework to determine if the purchase is wise and will serve her well long term and if there are other options, as already mentioned. Depending on her condition, she may not be able to go out for visits and appointments long term. Or what if she becomes bedridden? Can she transfer from wheelchair to car seat at all? Would she ever need Medicaid down the road? What is the cut off on value of a vehicle for their recipient?
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Those vans are VERY expensive.. A van that’s nearly 20 years old with lots of miles will still sell for $20,000. It’s ridiculous. Check out a county transit in her area. They have handicap vans. You have to call them a few days in advance, but it’s worth it. There are also private transportation services. With our aging population, there are lots of opportunities.

if you want to buy the van, check with a handicap accessible transport place in your area. They’re usually affiliated with durable medical equipment places. Also, some car dealers will kick in money for a van to be made handicap accessible. Just talk to people to see what can be done.
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