Can she have Medicaid, and still live in her house? Mom has moderate dementia, and has trouble walking because of her leg hurting her. We can't put her in a facility, because the house is in her name. My brother was diagnosed with epilepsy years ago, and was in a bad car accident after a grand mal seizure. He hasn't driven since. He has lived with mom all of his life, and needs to be able to continue living in their house. He is slow with making everyday decisions, and doesn't comprehend some things without having them explained to him.

If an aid came in, they would need to be paid out-of-pocket, correct?

Is there anyone that can help?

I could sure use some guidance.

Strongly urge you to contact a lawyer well versed in Elder Care Law.
There are Special Needs Trusts that can be established to protect your brother.
I did this when caring for my husband I set up special needs trust in case something happened to me he would be cared for.
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If Mom goes into a NH on Medicaid your brother maybe able to stay in the house because of his disabilities. He will have to keep up the taxes, bills and upkeep though. Leans are not put on the house until owners death. Brother may be able to continue to live there. Lean will need to be satisfied at time of sale.
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There are lots of different Medicaid programs available. I know there’s Community Medicaid where a person can stay in their house, but I believe that a lien would be put on the house for repayment when the home sold.

Mom’s dementia will only get worse. At some point, because your brother has some mental concerns as well, he will not be able to care for her. People with dementia are known to wander off. They can also become combative, especially when they have urinary tract infections, and those are common in the elderly. Mom may not be able to do her personal care. Would your brother be comfortable bathing and toileting her? Would he be able to do it? At some point, he may be overwhelmed with caring for her especially if he has to do it alone 24/7.

Call your local Area Agency on Aging and ask to speak with someone in the Medicaid Office. They can give you guidance on how to apply for the program that you need.
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What state are you in? Each state has different guidelines for Medicaid.
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