My Mom is starting to roam more at night. Any advice? -

My Mom is starting to roam more at night. Any advice?


She did the last two nights and thankfully I wake up but I take meds to sleep so I must be hypersensitive to that. Last week it was 2x as well. Last night she actually opened the door thinking she heard something outside. She is handicapped, in chronic pain and only goes out to the doctors office, She told me that she did not unlock the security screen door. I don't really think that she would go outside and down the stairs but I am really getting concerned. Called sis and she said its time for the nursing home. I said no its not. Why do I bother to call her? I have seen this posted before but cannot remember the answers. Anyone?

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Can you put a screecher alarm on the door so that when she opens it, it sounds off and wakes yous? (I don't think you could sleep through one of those screechers). You can purchase those at Home Depot, Lowes and they just stick on so they are easy to use. I use the Doberman brand.

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Thanks Maggie, I have heard that however I am afraid to take the key out of the lock in case there was a fire and I panicked and could not find the key. The front door is deadbolt with no key. The security screen doors have a deadbolt and a regular lock. Both doors have this. So there would be 4 locks to unlock. Still worried about that key. I do appreciate the feedback.
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My mom can barely walk. (Walker and Gait Belt) We have a hospital bed for her with full side rails that we put on after she's tucked in. We raise the head of the bed and raise the foot. In that position, she can't even sit up alone much less try to climb over the rails -- which is what one is always concerned with when their are bed rails. (Others not so weak may be different, of course.) It's worked perfectly. No worries.

Raising her head makes it a bit easier for her to breath. Raising her feet is a heart-sparing technique. She has congestive heart failure.

You realize your mom has dementia, of course. Opening the door when you think the boogy-man's outside illustrates that. ;) So you really can't trust her not to go outside. Her brain probably isn't always "in gear." Have double-bolt locks put on all your doors and remove the key -- putting it somewhere handy where she doesn't know where it is.
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