I need financial help. How do I get it. I've tried VA and Medicare and Champ VA. They all tell me can't help because she is spouse of veteran.

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Financial help as far as a salary for yourself or help for them? I know that Medicaid may help pay for inhome care but the person must be indigent. It doesn’t sound like she/he is on Medicaid and Medicare to my knowledge won’t pay for in home help.
If your parents have assets you can get paid by your parsents. You will need to set up a caregiver contract to make it taxes, etc.

But as far a financial “help” per se there is none. Have you applied for Aide & Attendance for your dad? That’s a program offered by the VA to help alleviate the burden of care by providing in home help for a certain # of hours a week.

This is a rough time for the CG. Hang in there!
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If your dad is receiving disability as a veteran then he doesn’t qualify for aid and attendance. And your mom as a spouse doesn’t qualify either because your dad is still living.

If Mom qualifies for Medicaid, there are programs in most states to pay for family caregivers but most only pay for a few hours a week at minimum wage.
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This is what I found out concerning A&A.

Benefit Table Status Monthly Benefit Amount

Surviving Spouse
$1,209 Monthly / $14,507 Annually

Single Veteran
$1,881 Monthly / $22,577 Annually

Married Veteran
$2,230 Monthly / $26,766 Annually

Two Vets Married
$2,984 Monthly / $35,813 Annually

If Dad is not receiving disability thru the service then I would call concerning Aid and Attendance. Looks like because Dad is married, he gets more. This money will need to be used for their care. I doubt if you can get paid from. This would be a question you need to ask a VA rep. But, you could pay someone to care for them while you work. Call your local County VA office and talk to a rep.

Your other option is Medicaid for homecare. Doubt if they will pay you but will give you aides. PA has a program where an agency will train you then hire you. You can then get paid to care for ur parents. I would think this is a government funded thing so ask Medicaid if this is done in your state.
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