She owns her home and wishes to die there, has Jamaican in-home caregivers. My brother lives nearby but has a full time job.

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What kind of care does she need? Is she Medicaid eligible? Healthwise, does she qualify for nursing home care? My Mom requires 24/7 care & she’s at home, but when her money runs out, she has no choice but to enter a nursing home. She has even sold her home (and now pays rent) to continue paying her caregivers to avoid entering a facility. In my state of GA, there’s no government programs that will assist her. There are programs here for those on Medicaid that would provide a few hours of care.
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Where does your mother expect for the money to come from to pay for in home care. She most likely needs to sell her home and use the proceeds to pay for care in a facility.
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Much more information is needed for a good reply. How old is mother, what is her health like now, how much care is she getting, how long do you think she is likely to live? No-one is ever keen on the idea of moving to an aged care facility, but 24/7 care requires 3 shifts of paid carers and this is rarely a financial possibility. Has mother any real idea of what Assisted Living would be like? It may be a good idea for her to try a respite month to see if it has more advantages than she expected.
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While it is understandable that Mum wants to die at home, if she does not have the funds, she cannot afford to do so. If she sells the house, how many months/years will the proceeds cover in a nursing home?
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