For example, she thinks that her husband is her dad and won't be distracted by anything, puzzles, tv, talking about movies, nothing. She just won't let it go, and gets mad if we tell her the truth.Sometimes it gets to the point that I have to get super tough and say stop talking over and over, then she kind of settles down. It usually happens at night when my dad is trying to relax and there are less things to distract her. It's not related to sundowners, because it's not the forgetting, but the not letting go part. Thanks

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Yes, I wouldn't invest time trying to convince her or dissuade. She's suffering from brain damage that makes it impossible to do the things you ask. I learned the hard way to just agree with my LO, no matter what. What does it matter if she's under false beliefs? As long as she's happy, she can think she's royalty, we live at the beach and ride elephants everyday for fun. We have to learn to go into their reality. If we don't. It won't matter. They are there anyway. We'll just waste breath and get frustrated.

If she's overly anxious, agitated, etc. discuss it with her doctor and see if she may benefit from medication. Meds really helped my LO and she became much more content. She still had her own reality, but, she was happy with it.
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Alzheimers - dementia - the brain is broken. They literally cannot stop. Look up the word "perseveration" - it means they latch onto things - obsession, compulsive, cannot change direction. The person will "persevere" in the behavior, conversation, etc. This phase will pass as her condition worsens. I am so sorry that you are going through this.
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