In December the facility called saying Mom has a few accidents at night, now she wets in her chair, as she walks and they found the source of urine smell as she piled up underwear and clothes hidden in the closet. They replaced panties with pullups.

Is this a sign of a new stage?

She is upbeat. She doesn't remember something you said 7 times in the last 5 minutes as if hearing it for the first time.

Any similar stages for anyone here?

Thank you

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Mine is a little different started wetting the bed and pants a few yrs ago.My wife and I discussed it and to keep things dry went into diapers but can still change myself.She being upbeat makes me wonder.Good luck
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Incontinence comes along with dementia/Alz at different times for all who suffer. My mother was dx with vascular dementia in 2016 and became incontinent shortly thereafter. Yet her dementia just became moderate about a year ago. According to 'the charts', incontinence comes in Stage 6 which is Severe go figure, right? Everyone is different. What normally happens is that a person will go along at a certain level for quite some time, then take a step down in decline; stay there for a time, then decline again. You are likely noticing a step down/decline that your mother has taken in her journey now.

Wishing you both the best with this dreadful condition.
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Thank you. I believe they checked the UTI
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Has she been checked for a UTI? I'd start there to discount this. UTIs are extremely common and frequent in elderly females. It can have a definitive test and be treated with antibiotics. If not a UTI, it may just be a change in her anatomy or internal musculature, or the nerves/brain signals that control continence.
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