I am not sure what to do. Mom is now in hospice care and not doing well. I think she is near the end. I feel somewhat guilty for not having her at my home where I can spend more time with her. But on the other hand, mom has dementia and is comfortable at her assisted living. it is five minutes from my house so I do spend a lot of time with her. I feel guilty because to be 100% honest her being here would be very difficult. She likes it to be super warm, and she has MRSA which scares me. Am I ok to leave her where she is and just spend a lot of time there?

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Let your mother stay where she is and let go of the guilt over not having her at home and the guilt for being honest about your feelings. She's where she needs to be and you are where you need to be in the context of your own home where you can regain energy for these upcoming final days with your mother. It's ok to be 100% honest about your feelings. We hurt ourselves whenever we are not honest about how we feel about something.
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I am sorry to hear about your Mom. Since you live so close I would leave her in AL. Especially since she has dementia, the change itself would probably be very hard for her!

We took car of my MIL the last few weeks, in her home. It was terribly difficult, even though we hired people to help cover night so we could get a break. Save your energy so you can truly be there with her, rather than exhausted.
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