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I'm always amazed that people CAN continue to pay for 24-hour care. I see my clients' monthly statements from our agency. Yikes. They have long term care insurance which pays 80%, and now he has Hospice care so Medicare is picking up that and some of the supplies they use. If it were me, I believe I'd look for someone who could live in, and have room and board be the majority of their pay. Is that possible? Then perhaps a small salary could be given so they could have a little to spend on themselves. When 24-hour care can be well above $10,000 a month, this seems like it could be a good option.
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This is something that we are going to have to face eventually if my mother-in-law lives long enough that is. Right now the asst living place she's living in does NOT take Medicare or whatever, so we will have to move her into a place that does at some point in time.
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1. Do you want her to stay where she is and do they want her to stay? If so, contact admissions to see what your options are.
If they take Medicaid, then go that route. Hopefully they will
let her stay "medicaid pending" if she is in the nursing home. If it is purely private pay, then you have to find something else unless you or another family member will sign a contract to be fully responsible for payment.

Personally I think that is a bad idea because her costs could
be huge ($ 8K a mo. average) and wreck your financial stability unless someone is very, very well-off. If there is $ within the family, you might want to gift it to her and deposit it into her checking account for them to direct draw from for her monthly payment till you find another living situation.

2. Or have you gotten a 30 day notice to leave? They have
to do this unless she leaves before that on her own.

If her assets are under 2K mo, then medicaid will pay for
her care in SNK or maybe AL if your state has a diversionary program for medicaid $$. Your state will have the information needed on-line or your local area agency on aging will as to what documents are needed. It's pretty detailed and exacting, so whomever in the family is good at paperwork should be enlisted to help you. Or a least to get you the adult beverage of your choice as you are xeroxing 3 yrs. of bank statements.
Good luck.
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