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Listen to her.  Comfort her and reassure her she's in her own apartment.  Sometimes I ask 'Are you sure you weren't dreaming?' which seems to help break that thinking.  It's hard enough for our loved ones with any dementia, and then this virus thrown into the mix causing shut downs and changes which makes them even more confused.

After you've got her calmed down and reassured that all is ok, her apartment is the same, etc., try changing the subject to something completely different so she'll re-focus her thinking to positive things.  Naps, sleeping also helps them; you might encourage her to nap after eating and whenever she's talking nonsensical.

Try staying in contact a few times a day to let her know you're there for her, she's ok and all is ok.  You could also buy a stuffed teddy bear or whatever you think she might like to cuddle.  Also, make sure she has her favorite drinks, snacks to have whenever she chooses.
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