She has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The nursing home calls me usually in the middle of the night and I am about 20 miles away saying my mom is becoming combative and having delusions. So I drive to the home and try and settle her down. I am completely exhausted. If I can’t go they send her to the emergency room where they do absolutely nothing for her and send her right back to the home. It has become a cycle of events that has got to stop. I'm thinking of pulling her out of home and getting in home care. We pay a lot to the nursing home and I just don’t think they are fulfilling much of their agreement...please help!

seroquel is supposed to be the magic answer for this problem. Ask her neurologist. Describe what is happening
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PamelaAnn, I'm wondering when you succeeded in getting your mother placed in the NH? How long has she been there now?

I was looking back at your profile, and note that fifteen months ago she was still living at home with your difficult father as her primary caregiver. Could you just fill us in on the recent history?
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Has she been seen by a geriatric psychiatrist?

In my experience with my mom with dementia, that was the specialty that gave us the most value.
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Is your mom in a private pay facility or waiting for Medicaid?

i found my mom didn't do well in a nursing home facility - too institutional
- that said, she did need meds to deal with the psychosis of dementia which is now more manageable

is your mom being treated by a specialist or the facility house Doctor ?

my experience is that it takes great effort for things to improve or at least not get unnecessarily worse

perhaps, there's another alternative than bringing her home but finding her help from the delusions will be necessary first
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Bumping this up. I hope someone has some ideas for you.

So sorry you and your mom are going through this!
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