How do I as her only child, get her to be attentive, and perhaps smile once more?

She wants to go home so badly but medically can not. I am lost. Help

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You may not be able to make her smile, but you can continue to tell her that you love her. Somewhere inside her, that might give a little bit of comfort to her, and to you.
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That's really sad. I guess you might need to do your best to remember her being attentive and smiling because you might not be able to make her exhibit those behaviors again. So sorry.
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Hugs, Seasonings.

Your mother's depression is likely a result of her dementia. I saw this myself in my mother's vascular dementia (complication of heart disease, which I see also applies to your mother) and I will never forget how harrowing it was. I truly feel for you.

The inattention and what sounds like 'flat affect' are also symptomatic.

Have you spoken to her doctors about this? How long would you say it has been this bad?
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