I think it seeped into wheelchair too. Help!

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Put bowls of vinegar around. You should see some change within a day. Like said, need to find the culprits and clean them.
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Is she living alone Charlie? As a double amputee I imagine all her ADLs are a challenge. I assume she is using a disposable incontinence product, but changing as often as she should could really be too difficult for her. Most higher end wheelchair seats have an optional waterproof cover, there are also generic chair pads available, I would try cleaning what she has now with a good spritz of natures miracle and a wet/dry vacuum, then leaving it in the sun (unless you are in the great white north!). If her bed doesn't have a leak proof cover it could be a major source of odours as well, and if she is leaking a lot then carpets may need to be cleaned as well. Check her clothes - it can be difficult to get the smell out of some fabrics, and if she doesn't smell it she might not be changing as often as she needs to. I think the bottom line is that she probably needs regular assistance.
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