My mom is just laying around the house very gloomy. She keeps wanting to go to the doctor every other week. She is a Bipolar Narsissist but she used to be really sweet & funny. Now all we see is the opposite. She saves that sweetness for everyone else. She is really mean to me, her only 24/7 caregiver. I'm tired of feeling like I am nothing & everyone else is perfect. I TRY my BEST! I WANT TO HELP HER! BUT I WANT HER TO LOVE ME BACK! I AM WORN OUT PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY! I AM ON MY OWN WITH MOM. NO HELP AT ALL! WHAT CAN I DO? I NEED A BREAK! ANY ADVICE TO MAKE HER WANT TO LIVE LIFE & BE HAPPY IN HER GOLDEN YEARS! SHES KILLING ME SLOWLY. MY HEART LITERALLY HURTS & I CRY AT THE CRUELTY OF HER MEANNESS. I LOVE MY MOM D/K WHAT TO DO. She is on antidepressants already!

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Cryssy, Narcissists don't love you back. That is the definition of narcissism.

You either have to be able to do this caregiving gig without any love flowing back at you, or you have to say enough is enough. Nothing makes narcissists happy, other than being the center of someone else's attention.

I'd get her into a Profesional caregiving situation.
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