She feels like the more pads the better. I fell like the more pads the more leakage.

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My mom has been in AL for 3 years. The staff toilets their clients who need it at regularly scheduled intervals. During the daytime it works for my mom. Not perfect but she has re learned to say something when she feels urges. She also lets staff know if she is "going" in her protective underwater. Try the reminders at specific intervals.
For nighttime, I buy her Abena M3 or M4. These diapers are for very heavy collection. Bedding changes occur less than monthly
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I agree that the pull-up aren’t as effective with bladder incontinence. The companies seem more interested in looks than functionality. I buy the “fold-out” Velcro tab briefs for Mr. Niagara Falls ( my husband). There are YouTube videos from CNAs on how to put them on. It’s a bit tricky, but they are superior. There really is no adult product for bowel incontinence as it would have to have a powerful odor killer and the longer it’s there, the more of a cleanup there is. The good thing is, most can feel it coming on and we can get them to the restroom. But I agree that seeing if there’s a time you could take her for a sit-down might help.
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A lot of people will advise you to put a pad inside a pull up or even to double up on the pullups but an informal survey of very experience people who have dealt with this agrees that this does not work, since these products are designed with leak proof backing any overflow isn't going to reach the second layer. There are so many sizes and absorbencies available as well as many different brands that you should be able to find something she likes. If she is overflowing the pads then get larger ones or change them more often. Most of us resist the pull ups because they cost a lot more but I think they are the only way to contain bowel incontinence. If she tends to go at a regular time of day (for example soon after breakfast) you could try having her sit on the toilet for 5 or 10 minutes - I was able to catch many of my mother's bowel movements this way and it sure was easier than cleaning up... regularly scheduled toilet breaks are useful with urinary incontinence too,
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