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We had that issue for 6 years. I was a walking zombie without a nap to get me through the worst days. Doctors tried all the typical sleep aides (Ambien, Trazadon, etc), but they only worked for a few hours. Melatonin gave nightmares. CBD interferes with -statin drugs (atorvestatin) and benzodiazepines. Doctors said his sleep was hard to correct after so many years.

Mirtazapine seems to finally be working. It helps with mood, sleep, and is supposed to also stimulate appetite. I guess most nursing homes prescribe it, and I can see why. He’s asleep within 30 minutes of taking it. And he says asleep for at least 4 hours, sometimes much longer.

You might want to ask the doctor about mirtazapine. Otherwise, try to adjust your sleep schedule so you can get enough rest, or hire an aide to be there at night to give you a break. Good luck.
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This is too hard for you to care for your mom on a regular basis.

Trust me when I say that I feel your pain. I had my mom with me for 15 years.

Start looking at other options. Best wishes to you and your mom.
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Trazadone, seroquel combo of various doses..Dr prescribed of course. Different brands and mgs of Melatonin.. Nothing works. I am researching CBD options. I am the only option for Moms care, trust me. She does not wander around. She walks on a walker with side by assistance. I have a push button bell that rings when she wants to get up and go to bathroom. However, she rings it at random. She can get up by herself, but is a fall risk.
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Moving in with mom may have been the caring and compassionate thing to do at one time. Now her condition is degrading and may make you wonder if that was the right thing to do. Three important symptoms that should cause you to consider NH placement are caregiver stress, wandering and incontinence. Caregiver stress can be brought on by not getting enough sleep. If your mom is up at 2 AM, I'm sure you're up at 2 AM. Been there, done that, not healthy! If she's mobile and up at 2 AM, she could easily leave the house without your knowing. I think your family needs to discuss your options for mom.
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What things have you tried?
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