And is seeing an eye specialist to have a cataract removed. My mothers Alzheimers doctor and the specialist feel she could have it removed in the office under a "twilight" anesthesia rather then in a hospital under total anesthesia . Does anyone know or have an Alzheimers member of their family that has had a cataract removed with a local anesthesia?

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So well said, Jeanne.
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My husband had his cataracts removed a few years into his dementia journey. It was out-patient. I don't remember what anesthesia was used.

This procedure made a tremendous improvement in his quality of life. He could read again. Colors were bright. He enjoyed his nature videos and Hogan's Heroes reruns much more. He lived maybe another 5 to 7 years and the cataract removal made those years happier.

He could not have followed the eye-drop procedures himself -- I was responsible for that. I'll bet a nursing home would see to that even better than I did!

I encourage you to give your mom this gift of the chance of quality of life improvement! Follow the doctors' recommendation.
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Mary, if her dementia is severe she may not be a good candidate for the surgery. Even if the surgery is done under light anesthesia and the lens just cleaned off, there is still follow-up care that may give some trouble. Discuss this with the surgeon and ask if the NH would be able to help with the care after surgery. You asked a very good question. If she could see better it could improve her quality of life. However, if the post-surgery care would be too difficult and her dementia is severe, you or the surgeon may decide against it.
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Don't waste your money, because with dementia, she will not be able to follow post operative care and she will rub her eye and displace the implant.
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