Mom's in her nursing home wheelchair more often than not. I'm told I cannot help her stand up. Is this true? -

Mom's in her nursing home wheelchair more often than not. I'm told I cannot help her stand up. Is this true?


Are there laws that state I cannot hold my mother's hand and walk her up and down the hallways of the NH? Are there laws that say I can't stand next to her, allow her to stand up from the wheelchair? I am also told if she were to stand up from the wheel chair and I wanted to place her on her bed or the toilet i cannot do this either. I am in CA.
There isn't enough staff to keep her mobile. Help please.

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I hope that someone from CA answers you. I know the names of organizations in NJ that could assist you but sadly, nothing about CA. You could try your local Office on Aging ... and they may be able to put you in touch with someone versed in Elder Law or someone who cares about elder abuse ... which this sounds like to me. Well, I guess it's more like neglect ... not making sure that she receives the treatment that she deserves ... and the way that they're treating you now is just creepy!
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Answer; ortho dr wrote script for 3x a day...a cna is assigned to assist those who need ambulation but if it is his day off there is no one...since he only has a 8 hour shift mom does not get the 3rd ambulation so I have been doing what I described above; the real physical therapist did train me but no one as yet to explain why he trained me if I can't walk with her in the facilty
my involvement helped mom so much..i need to know the laws cuz this NH uses lies all the time to snow family members assisting mom with mobility was fine and I even have videos taken from my phone of her andi walking; the ombuds suggested i tell the state a particular thing, i did so and now the rules have changed they are also accusing me of somethings like going through residents rooms which is not accurate at all...
a few families at this facility have been told they cannot meet the needs of their loved one, in short, suggesting the family take their loved one and leave (inability to meet a LO's needs is grounds to evict the patient). I fear if i push them to do the 3s a day they will pull the we can't meet her needs card.
Also, the issue that I reported to the state was anonymous yet the NH confronted me and did so in such a way that I figured the state included my name in their report ....ombudsman sat there without stopping them from and in so doing i answered/admitted i had made said report then, the ombuds sat right there while the NH told me visiting hours end at 8 p.m. and I would have to leave at that time ahhh. the laws are the opposite but the ombuds didn't wave that in their face...what's up?
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I'm not in CA, so I can't speak to their laws, but I'm an occupational therapist in NJ who knows from personal experience, that professionals will lie to you to make their lives easier. I've experienced it when my mom and aunt were in nursing homes for rehab. I was able to call them out on their lies and intervene. I would try to speak directly to your mom's PT and find out what her ambulatory status is and how she can walk most safely. Arrange to visit during a PT session so that you can be trained how to walk with her and transfer her. Family training is a valid PT goal. If your mom is not receiving PT then obtain a script for it from her doctor. The script can even state that it's for family training... it may also have to say to increase independent or assisted ambulation in order for insurance to cover it. Do you have regular meetings at the NH? I know with short term patients they do. I would bring up your issues or concerns at one of those meetings. It's usually attended by many department heads and you can get quick results in a very short period of time. You might also ask to speak with the head of nursing (Not the charge nurse but the dept. head) and explain the ways in which you are unhappy and what you wish to do with your mother. SHE is the consumer ... they need to meet her needs and keep you all happy!
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