My Mom (76) hits, slaps and does not remember anything, cusses people out and does not tell the truth. What is this?


what is this, she is driving everyone crazy

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Doctor's visit ASAP. Even if she "won't go". Say whatever you have to say to make it happen.

It can be dementia, infection, and the wrong cocktail of medications.
Educate yourself on the dementia progression of behaviors and symptoms or you are in for a long, hard road.

Understanding what new behaviors can mean can help you sleep at night and not take any of it personally.

Dementia can't be corrected or trained out of a person. The behaviors will come & go and take different forms on different days. It helps to know what kind of dementia the doctor believes it might be, but that's not even possible to know withouth an autopsy. All they can tell us is what dementia the patient seems to be consistent with.

My mother was physically aggressive until we got her meds straightened out. She needed an anti-psychotic and anti-depressant to calm down and not be agitated all the time. It was bad for her high blood pressure to be worked up and violent.
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She needs to have an evaluation
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It does sound like dementia. If at all possible, have her evaluated by a neurologist or neuropychologist. Do you have POA ? This site also contains a lot of information on the stages of dementia /Alzheimer's. My MIL was dx 2 1/2 yrs ago with midstage dementia. Last week she was hospitalized due to very low blood pressure, low hemoglobin, fluid in lungs. She was tested for internal bleeding. She's also pretty frail physically, so all of this was confusing & traumatic for her. Total days in hosp- 5. On Fri, she had a sched appt with cardiologist who commented to my husband "your Mom has no recollection of being in hospital". This is dementia.
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What is it? It is dementia. Your profile says she has it. Why are you surprised that she acts like she has it?

Is she living in your home, or in her own? Who is her primary caregiver? Is she seeing a doctor for the dementia? Has the doctor been kept up-to-date about her symptoms?

If these symptoms are new and came on suddenly or have gotten much worse suddenly, it is also possible that she has a urinary tract infection, which can cause weird behaviors in even elders who don't have dementia.

I'd would say your first action should be to consult her doctor.

If you'd like more specific suggestions, perhaps describing the caregiving situation a little more would help us be helpful.
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Why is she still at home and not in a memory care center in a nursing home?
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