Mom hit me and when she did something in her arm popped?

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So my mom hit me and when she did something in her arm popped and now shes playing the victim. She said it felt like a rubber band popping in her shoulder but I think it's divine intervention for beating her children. She's now demanding food. She's about to die.

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is she on hospice? I’m sorry she hit you ...tell us more about her ..does she have dementia? How old is she ? What is she dying of ? Hugs and prayers to you May God Bless you
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Take her to the ER. With luck and some dramatics on your part, they will admit her.

Work with the discharge planning folks to get her placed in a good long term care facility.
Divine intervention... Well, yes, quite possibly this is God's way of telling you to get her medical attention and take it from there.
Karma for sure! Not only did she get hurt herself, but now you have been presented by an opportunity to get her placed in long term care (as BarbBrooklyn wrote)!

The holidays have come early for you!
If you mom is becoming violent, or even just agitated, this needs to be viewed as a symptom. Talk to her doctor, or the folks at the ER about this. There are medications that can help.

It sounds like caregiving your mom is not going well. Is it time to make other arrangements?

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