I like to thank the people that were kind enough to answer pretty much my cries for someone to listened and with much of my surprised with answers that could open my eyes and I can put to use.
Thank you again.

I can only pray for strength and my children's moral support, finances mom was and has NOT!!! prepared ever. So I can only do my best while she is alive and I believe in my heart thats all that matters. The good part is Mom paid for a vault Mossulium for her coffin, I will not be able to do as she wish unless money falls from the sky, so there will be other preparations taken place and hope that she can forgive me for her shortfalls in not doing her part.... not mine. I would never burden my kids for my mistakes that I promised them.
Funny thing the other day I was going to pay a bill online and I found my purse mangled by the strap and my CC where not where they were suppose to be. She (mom) must have done it while she wanders in the apartment while I was asleep which is another crazy thing. I do get up to check on her during the night, to find her awake in her room with all the lights on looking at her jewelry box and noticed she had broken a few of her necklaces. That drives me nuts and with that I give her Melatonnin (2) Gummies and still wakes up. So needless to say I hide my purse in my room but, I keep my bedroom door open so I can listen for her and she is very quiet when walking around. Another thing I noticed she story tells a lot no matter what I ask or talk to her about. Would this be part of her Dementia?
I am still seeking for work to do from home Accounting/ Accts Payable/Receivable.
She still tries and thinks she can control me like when I was much younger in HS. Like now she is telling me to get off the computer and why Am I still working?? Too Funny... lol

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You don't mention anything about dementia in your profile, only age related decline. Dementia is not normal aging and is not "age related decline".

That said, early signs of dementia are not always memory loss. Not managing one's medication, or having unusual wake/sleep cycles could be an indication of cognitive impairment. Sometimes one's circadian clock is affected where they don't relate to AM or PM. My wife had this problem. She would awaken at 2 AM, get dressed and leave the house, thinking it was time to get the day started. Most likely, if anything, your mom has MCI, mild cognitive impairment, which may lead to dementia or not. If she hasn't been, have her evaluated for dementia by her PCP. If he/she suspects dementia, your mom would be referred to a neurologist to determine the cause of the problem.

I pray for your successful job search.
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