On 50 mg seroquil at bedtime zoloft 25 mg day time.

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Seroquel took 18 minutes to kick in for my husband. I know, because that is the window of time I had to get him to the bedroom after giving it to him. (I learned to give it only after he was completely ready for bed and in the bedroom!) He needed 100 mg. It was effective for him for about 9 years, until his death.

My point is just that each person is unique in the response to drugs. I suggest that you give the drugs as directed, monitor the results closely, perhaps adjust when you give them. If you are not seeing the results you expect, discuss it with the doctor, who may want to adjust the dose or try another medication.

Seroquil was a wonder drug for us. But some other people in my support group did not have good results with it. You have to monitor results closely and be in close contact with the doctor. (Our doctor accepted email communication, which was a huge help.)

Solving sleep issues is a huge help in managing dementia. Keep working at it! There will be solution, but it may take a few tries.
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Seroquel takes 2-4 hours to kick in and lasts 8-10 hours. So dose it 2-4 hours before bedtime, lets say 8PM? Assuming it is not the XR (extended release) type. Zoloft takes at least 2 WEEKS to work effectively, So I would give that 12 hours opposite, at 8AM, and always at the same time each day. If after a month, she is still insomnolent, follow up with the MD.
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