Mom has to go back to India in Dec (after staying here with me for a few months). She will get a wheelchair but the big problem is: she might misplace her passport, get confused with the bathroom door, will forget to fill out the immigration forms. Any ideas on how to tackle this?

I am trying to avoid a $2500 trip for me. But if that's the price of peace of mind, I will go....

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You will need to go with her. Not sure how long it is to India but I know England is 8 hrs. I read ur original post. You mention u have seen changes in Moms memory. Do u really think she can maneuver an airport and go thru the checkline after which she needs to find her plane. I just had a 68 yr old friend who was flying across country to see her husband. She almost got on the wrong plane.
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Thank you Marcia and UsedupDIL..definitely thinking of all options.
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Wren, I can understand that for you to make the round trip flight is expensive in both time and money.

When she came out was she alone, or did someone accompany her? How was she for that flight? Does she have lots of experience flying?

Do you have any friends or family who maybe interesting in flying with her if you pay part or all of their fare? Someone who has experience working as a care aid, nurse etc. When I few home from France in May I sat beside an Indo-Canadian nurse who was heading home after a 4 month trip. She would have loved to have had a way to finance part of her trip. I am sure if you asked at your local Temple you could find qualified help.
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The airlines often have procedures in place to guide children who travel alone. Maybe they would offer something similar for your mother? There is a charge for this but it's not equal to the cost of the flight. Call and ask for information about accommodations for Disabled Adults.

My parents used to travel and as long as your mother is patient enough to wait for the wheelchair attendant to arrive (which my parents often were not!) the attendant will guide them through the procedures for arrival and departure.
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As rushed crowded, confused and sometime not enough assistance at the airport I think I would spend the money. I would err on the side of caution and peace of mind. This is just my opinion. You know your mother best.
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