This is a new occurence with her. The incontinence underwear and added poise pad will remain dry but I can't find a way to stop the leaking. She is quite small but her "depends" are not too large. I thought I had solved the problem by putting on two "depends" but it did not help. This never happened the first four months that she lived with me.

It sounds like either her briefs are too big, or not positioned correctly. Is she putting them on herself? There’s a plastic cover for briefs with elastic around the legs that could be tried.
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Maybe a depend (adult diaper) with a pull-up (brief) over it?
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Doubling up will likely not absorb fast enough into the underlying brief. I assume she has bed pads for when she first sits up. My mom also is a heavy wetter at night. I switched her overnight briefs to Abena brands that absorb about 30 ounces quickly. Her sheets are rarely wet. The briefs can be pricy but I found several sites on Amazon for bulk supply once I was satisfied with sizing and type ( M 3 or 4)
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mjeanneedshelp Dec 23, 2018
Her briefs and pads are dry, the leaking is from the bottom of the brief leg.

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