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bjhutter, I was pretty short last night on my response but I had some day/night issues and there is a long discussion about it. There were lots of great suggestions. Here's the link:
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I had to find ways to keep Mom awake all day except for little snoozes here and there. She was up and down all night long until I started doing that. We also put a gate up at the end of the hallway so that if she got up, she was limited to her bedroom and the bathroom. She figured out how to knock it down so my husband built a half door there that has a keyed deadbolt. Now we go to bed at night and don't have to worry about her getting out into the house where she could get hurt.

She also at one point started turning on her bedroom light during the night and we think that was messing up her internal clock. We put her big light on a timer so it can't be turned on at night and we put a 7 1/2 watt bulb in her bedside lamp so that she can keep it on all night. During the day, we keep the daylight going with the blinds open and if it's gray, we keep the lights on.

If keeping her up during the day helps, then her day/nights are messed up. If that doesn't do it and she is actually hungry, there may be medical issues. Hope this helps!
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